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Become the Cosmic Wordsmith You Were Meant to Be: Mastering the Art of Astrology with Tiffany Harelik

Embark on a unique cosmic journey with our transformative astrology program, led by Tiffany Harelik. This isn't just a course; it's an exploration into the celestial forces shaping your destiny. Unlike traditional programs, our approach integrates personalized insights, fostering a deep connection with the cosmic energies. Join the ranks of hundreds who have already completed this transformative experience, discovering the profound impact astrology can have on your self-awareness and life path. Don't just learn – transform with us.


Astrology Class

Jan 10-31st

Class Duration

You're Here because the cosmos has called you to unravel the mysteries of your own existence

In the grand tapestry of life, you've felt a longing, a cosmic whisper guiding you to discover the profound truths within.

You're not alone in this journey; many face common challenges:

  • Identity Crisis: Struggling to understand your true self and potential.

  • Relationship Confusion: Seeking clarity in personal connections.

  • Direction Dilemma: Feeling lost without a clear life path.

This course is your cosmic companion, providing solace, insights, and a transformative path to self-discovery. Embrace the celestial guidance that awaits, turning your pain points into points of growth and enlightenment. 🌌

The World Has Shifted, and Now Is the Ideal Moment to Transform Into the Architect of Your Cosmic Destiny

We understand that embarking on a journey into astrology may raise concerns

Let's address the elephant in the room – your biggest objection –

"I don't have any background in astrology. Will I be able to understand and benefit from this course?"

Let's Smash it to pieces...

No Prior Knowledge Required: This course is designed for beginners and intermediates alike. You don't need any astrological background. It's built on the foundation of curiosity and an open mind, making it accessible to all levels.

Guided Learning: Master teacher Tiffany Harelik will walk you through every concept, ensuring a smooth and understandable learning experience. Each module is crafted with clarity in mind, demystifying the complexities of astrology.

Supportive Community: You're not alone on this journey. Our online community is here to provide support, answer questions, and share insights. Feel confident, whether you're a complete novice or have a bit of astro-knowledge.

Remember, the cosmos has no prerequisites for those seeking its wisdom. This course is your cosmic key, regardless of your astrological background. Let go of the hesitation and step into a realm of self-discovery. 🌟

Let's Unlock the Benefits of Expertise in Astrology

As you delve into the depths of astrology, the rewards and possibilities are boundless. Here's what you can achieve and become as an expert in this ancient cosmic language:

  • Master Interpreter of Celestial Messages:

    As an expert astrologer, you become a master interpreter of celestial messages. Unlock the ability to read the cosmic script, deciphering the language of the stars to reveal profound insights into personality, destiny, and life's intricate tapestry.

  • Guiding Light in Personal Relationships:

    Astrology empowers you to guide others through the labyrinth of personal connections. Decode astrological dynamics to foster deeper understanding and harmony in relationships, becoming a trusted advisor in matters of the heart.

  • Navigator of Life's Pathways:

    Become a life pathfinder, using astrology as your cosmic compass. Offer guidance to individuals seeking purpose and direction. Navigate them through challenges, opportunities, and the unfolding cosmic drama of their lives.

  • Cultural Custodian and Historian:

    Step into the role of a cultural custodian. Throughout history, astrologers have played vital roles in societies, advising leaders, predicting events, and preserving cultural wisdom. As an expert in astrology, you become a guardian of this rich tradition.

  • Bridge Between Science and Spirituality:

    Astrology acts as a bridge between science and spirituality. As an expert, you contribute to the ongoing dialogue between these realms. Explore the connections between celestial movements and human experiences, fostering a holistic understanding of the universe.

Becoming an expert in astrology is not just a personal journey; it's a contribution to the rich tapestry of human knowledge and understanding. Embrace the benefits and heritage of this profound field, and let the stars illuminate your path to expertise. 🌌


Did You Know That In ancient civilizations like Mesopotamia and Egypt, astrologers were revered for their wisdom. They influenced decision-making, guiding rulers in matters of governance, agriculture, and even war.


Introduction to Astrology: Learn the Language of the Stars

By Master Teacher Tiffany Harelik

Discover the secrets within you through the Introduction to Astrology course. Guided by Tiffany Harelik, this transformative odyssey goes beyond learning; it's an emotional exploration of your personality, relationships, and life's purpose. Unveil the mysteries of your existence as you navigate the cosmic drama, gaining profound insights that resonate within. This isn't just a course; it's a soul-stirring adventure into the limitless possibilities written in the stars. Enroll now, and let the cosmos whisper your story.

Here's What You'll Be Able To Achieve With Your Introduction To Astrology Course

Embarking on this transformative journey into astrology opens doors to a realm of personal achievement and self-discovery. By the course's completion, you will:

  • Confidently Read Your Birth Chart:

    Navigate the celestial blueprint of your life with assurance, unlocking profound insights into your personality, strengths, and challenges.

  • Navigate Relationships With Clarity:

    Become a relationship whisperer as you decode astrological dynamics, fostering deeper connections and understanding in your personal connections.

  • Walk a Purposeful Life Path:

    Transform into a life pathfinder, guided by the cosmic forces, leading you toward purpose and fulfillment.

  • Apply Astrological Insights Actively:

    Move beyond theory; actively apply your astrological knowledge in real-life scenarios, making it a valuable and practical skill.

  • Participate in a Supportive Community:

    Engage with a vibrant online community, sharing experiences, asking questions, and supporting each other on this cosmic journey.

By taking this course, you're not just learning astrology; you're unlocking the tools to shape your destiny and live a more enlightened and purposeful life. 🌌

"… so many times the astrologybabble that you get with most podcasts is mind numbing. Not with Tiffany. She’s clear. She’s funny. She’s engaging as she tells you what the planets are up to and what you can expect for the month. She spells it out for in in plain talk about what each day holds – and THEN she offers great ideas for morning, noon and night to navigate a perfect day. She’s your secret weapon for creating a magical month – ready for anything and at the top of your game. Seriously. Get out your calendar and take notes."

-T. Heller

Who Is This Course For?


Astro-Curious Beginners

Curiosity sparks the journey. If you find yourself fascinated by the celestial dance but unsure where to start, this course welcomes you


Personal Growth Enthusiasts

If you navigate the complexities of relationships and seek a profound understanding, this course is tailored for you.


Spiritual Seekers

For the spiritual seeker yearning for deeper connections and cosmic insights, this course is a transformative portal.


Those Seeking Practical Guidance

If you're seeking purpose, fulfillment, and an active role in shaping your destiny, become a life pathfinder guided by the cosmic forces.

What You'll Get

Embark on a celestial odyssey that transcends knowledge; it transforms. With this course, you're not just learning astrology; you're unlocking the secrets of your cosmic drama. Imagine decoding the celestial script, understanding relationships with newfound clarity, and walking a purposeful life path guided by the stars. Your investment grants you:

Module 1: What is Astrology and How Does It Work?

In this module, you will learn:

  • The history and origins of astrology

  • The difference between astrology and astronomy

  • The main branches and types of astrology

  • The benefits and limitations of astrology

  • The ethical and responsible use of astrology

Module 2: The Planets: The Actors of the Cosmic Drama

In this module, you will learn:

  • The names and symbols of the 10 planets in astrology

  • The meanings and functions of each planet

  • The planets as expressions of your psyche and life areas

  • The planets as indicators of your talents and challenges

  • The planets as sources of energy and motivation

Module 3: The Signs: The Roles of the Cosmic Drama

In this module, you will learn:

  • The names and symbols of the 12 zodiac signs

  • The meanings and characteristics of each sign

  • The signs as expressions of your personality and style

  • The signs as indicators of your preferences and needs

  • The signs as filters of your perception and expression

Module 4: The Houses: The Stages of the Cosmic Drama

In this module, you will learn:

  • The names and numbers of the 12 astrological houses

  • The meanings and themes of each house

  • The houses as expressions of your life areas and experiences

  • The houses as indicators of your opportunities and challenges

  • The houses as contexts of your growth and developmentlogy

Module 5: The Aspects: The Relationships of the Cosmic Drama

In this module, you will learn:

  • The names and angles of the major aspects in astrology

  • The meanings and effects of each aspect

  • The aspects as expressions of your interactions and dynamics

  • The aspects as indicators of your harmony and conflict

  • The aspects as sources of your learning and growth

Module 6: The Natal Chart: The Blueprint of Your Cosmic Drama

In this module, you will learn:

  • What is a natal chart and how to create one

  • How to read and interpret a natal chart

  • How to identify and analyze the planets, signs, houses, and aspects in a chart

  • How to synthesize and integrate the different elements of a chart

  • How to apply your chart knowledge to yourself and others

You Might Ask... What Makes It Great? This Is How We Do It

Curiosity is natural, especially when investing in a transformative journey like astrology. Let's delve into major features that make this course exceptional:

Personalized Learning Experience:

Tailored for all levels, our course offers a personalized learning experience. Whether you're a beginner or have some astrological knowledge, our master teacher Tiffany Harelik guides you with clarity and depth. Each module is crafted to ensure understanding and progression, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Lifetime Access to Extensive Resources:

Your journey doesn't end with the course; it's a lifelong exploration. Enjoy lifetime access to a treasure trove of resources, including video lectures, slides, worksheets, quizzes, and assignments. Immerse yourself in the cosmic wisdom whenever you desire, reinforcing your astrological knowledge.

Interactive Online Community:

Learning is not a solitary endeavor. Join our vibrant online community, where learners from various backgrounds share experiences, ask questions, and support each other. Engage with Tiffany Harelik and fellow students, creating connections that enhance your cosmic journey.

So, what makes it great? It's the perfect blend of personalized learning, lifetime access to extensive resources, and a supportive community. This is how we ensure your astrological adventure is not just educational but also enriching and empowering. 🌠

The Value It Could Offer Is Limitless

But Today's Investment is Only $249

4 WEEKS | Jan 10-31, 2024 | WEDNESDAYS, 5:00PM - 6:30PM EST



Please note that this course is designed for beginners in astrology. Whether you're just starting your astrological journey or have a curiosity about the cosmic language, this course is crafted to provide a foundational understanding. If you're an advanced practitioner, we recommend exploring our advanced courses for a more in-depth study.



Tiffany Harelik is a spiritual teacher of astrology, psychic development, yoga, and beekeeping. Her psychic abilities increased after a near-death experience as a teen. She pursued training under prestigious psychic mediums while obtaining a Masters Degree in Health Psychology. Tiffany's early career path included producing bestselling books, corporate music/food festivals and equestrian events. Her self-development journey is a testament to her thirst for knowledge, her commitment to growth, and her willingness to explore the boundaries of consciousness. She is a certified Master Teacher with LWISDD.

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